Current Projects

My current research is mostly focused on fathers’ experiences of domestic violence in childhood and parenting and procedural justice for cultural and linguistic minority populations. I use qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods to explore and expand the understanding of domestic violence to help inform resource and program development. I am also interested in training and education of social work professionals in behavioral health integration.  A summary of my current projects are listed below.   

Exploring the transition to fatherhood: Men exposed to domestic violence in childhood: The objective of this research study is to gain understanding of fathers’ experiences of exposure to domestic violence in childhood and to identify unique parenting needs of these men.

Achieving justice and safety for survivors of domestic violence from culturally-specific communities: The purpose this study is to explore and deepen understanding of the needs and barriers related to procedural justice within the family court system for survivors of domestic violence from cultural and linguistic minority groups to improve services.

The Braid: The projects explores how the intersection of neoliberalism, criminalization, and professionalization of services has shaped the field of domestic violence policy and practice.

Behavioral Health Integration Project/Integrated Care Project: These projects train master’s level students to integrate behavioral and physical health care within primary and community based medical settings. The study seeks to identify the skills social work students need and explore the experiences of students and field instructors in adapting to an integrated care model.

Student veteran’s experiences of social work education: The purpose of this study is to gain knowledge in student veterans’ experiences with education in the field of social work education to improve understanding and improve outcomes among student veterans. Qualitative interviews are currently being conducted with students who are veterans.