Statement from faculty and staff at PSU’s School of Social Work on Ferguson

Ferguson: We stand with you Faculty and Staff of the Portland State University School of Social Work stand in solidarity with communities working to address racism in our society, and in particular in our criminal legal system.  We are saddened and outraged by the St. Louis County grand jury’s failure to indict Darren Wilson, theContinue reading “Statement from faculty and staff at PSU’s School of Social Work on Ferguson”

No one is free while others are oppressed

I’ve been struggling for the last several months with the intersectionality and hierarchy created around race, gender, and sexual orientation. I’ve experienced  some personal, professional, and public challenges in these areas.  One example is that I’ve been watching and waiting for people to react to the George Zimmerman verdict for the last few weeks. I’ve beenContinue reading “No one is free while others are oppressed”

Justice and Forgiveness

***trigger warning for animal violence*** I’ve been thinking a lot about the concepts and connection of justice and forgiveness. Much of what has sparked this idea is Michael Vick’s–convicted felon and Quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles–successful return to the NFL. He is a polarizing person these days. People continue to raise concerns about his successfulContinue reading “Justice and Forgiveness”